Hi blog world. As I sit here and write this post, I am covered in sweat and reek of vinegar. Before I explain the vinegar part, let me just say that the last 2 days have been what feels like marathon training for the housewife olympics.

Let’s back up 15ish years ago, shall we? When I was younger and family would visit from out of town and stay at our house, my mom would turn into a frantic mess, running around the house yelling at my brother and I not to touch anything and I’d see her mop the floors and then whip out her magnifying glass to see if any dust would stick onto a pair of clean white gloves. Okay she didn’t do that last part but you get my point. 

Now fast forward to today and at the age of 22, I have officially began “housewife training.” All those years of watching my mom cleaning the house to cover up the fact that we were slobs makes sense now. I’ve even found the best mopping solution on Pinterest for tile and hardwood floors: water, drop of dish wash detergent and vinegar (hence why I smell like a bag of salt and vinegar chips right now) and if I might add, my floors are squeaky clean.

Oh and the reason for my OCD cleaning? Nic’s dad and my old roommate are visiting this weekend. Both have never seen our house so I have to pretend we’re organized and keep it clean 24/7. I ran that vacuum TWICE through each room to get the last remains of Crimson’s stubborn dog hair and I even completely reorganized the closet and arranged my fancy shoes in a way that makes it look like I actually wear them out.

And unlike my mom, since I don’t have kids to yell at for leaving fingerprints after she Windex-ed all the windows and such, I caught myself chasing my dogs around the house with a mop in my hand for leaving their little paw prints right after I would mop an area! Insert #crazyOCDcleaninglady here. 

This was my most loved season. My entire life, I would sit tight for the day in the wake of Thanksgiving to happen so every one of the enhancements would turn out.

This year is unique.

I had a blend of Christmas and Thanksgiving enrichments out for quite a long time, and I mean, well in the wake of Thanksgiving happened.

I’ve had no opportunity to do the things I’ve needed to do this season. I simply sent my Christmas cards yesterday. I’m generally that irritating individual who sends them the day preceding Thanksgiving so you get mine first.

My better half was away on business for seven days, working at a photography studio which has been occupied and relentless since the late spring, with a move to another studio in the blend too, it’s simply be a distressing year.

I made it about a week and half with treats, and that is it. I can’t discover the time this year, and when I at long last do have a minute, it’s spent resting!

I’ve been truly down about not completing this season, but rather then I understood, I began this for FUN when I was laid off. I had all the time on the planet by then! Nobody is compelling me to do this, I ought to be doing this for FUN not for the worry of getting them consummate with the goal that I can blog about them.

I will be back after the new year, yet all alone terms. This blog ought to be fun, and it’s recently turned into another assignment on my schedule that I never reach.

I’m taking whatever is left of the month off for ME. I may post something on the off chance that I make something, however I am not going to lose my poop to make another treat ordinary. After the year I’ve had, and additionally my family has had, we should simply appreciate each different this year, not sit in the kitchen like a slave. A demise, a crushed spirit, and the appropriation of a young person is the thing that I’ve been centered around, and now I will concentrate on the family around me this season. What’s more, I trust I energize each one of those mothers who think they must be superwoman at Christmas time and prepare all that they see on pinterest, to unwind and make the most of their families.

Do you remember when you started your “house wife” training? Did you go full-blown OCD like my mom and I did or are you more relaxed about cleaning when you have guests?