Hi everyone, my name is Crimson and I am taking over my mom’s blog today! She doesn’t know I’m on her computer but I overheard her telling Daddy she is having a hard time coming up with blog content so I’ve come to the rescue!
Dear internet people,
Did you know that I have the cutest freckles on my tongue?
I know I whine a lot when I want to play outside in the rain but I promise it’s a German Shepherd thing, what can I say, we’re natural whiners!
How come when I go to the park or on a walk other people think I’m a mean, scary dog? I promise I’m as sweet as pie!
Even though I’m about 10 times bigger than my brother, he still runs the house and even stole my new bed from me!
How come I’m not allowed to stick my head in the liter box?

My favorite summer treat are ice cubes fresh from the freezer! 

I know mom don’t really have a treat in her hands when she tricks me into taking pictures for Instagram.
Sometimes I get so excited on walks that I like to pull mom on the leash but when dad is there to discipline me, I stop. (I also know that mom is too nice to punish me hehe so I try to get away with it). I know I shed a lot but a little hair never hurt anybody! Also, just maybe I’m leaving hair all over the house for Palpatine since he doesn’t have any!
I will never let a bad guy come into our house because I’ll show him my sharp teeth *chomp*! When I did my training the trainer told my parents I had one of the best noses ever seen. Dad thinks I should pursue military work for bomb detection but I think I should use it for dog treat detection!