Which coffee/espresso machine has the best UI?

Ray Kroc started with McDonalds and it was grown like a wild fire since the day 0. We all love a coffee maker that comes with advanced technology and modern features. A machine with a unique user interface easily attracts a lot of customers. So the companies along with features also focus on providing customers with the best UI for easy and compatible usage. One such company is Bunn which has introduced quality products since the last 40 years. Bunn VP17-1SS is one of the best keurig coffee makers that feature a unique UI and advanced technology. Here is the detailed review of this amazing product to help you make a better purchasing decision.

Bunn VP17- 1SS Coffeemaker Review

It is important to know about all the features as well as pros and cons before you go ahead and buy the machine.

Attractive Design

Bunn VP17- 1SS has got some attractive design that is sure to catch many eyeballs. It comes with a strong linear housing design built using iron frame and side panels made of stainless steel. Its eye catchy look makes it one of the best designed coffee makers in the market. Since UI is considered, design of the machine is relevant as well and the VP 17 is nicely designed.

58 Millimeter Portafilter

This coffee machine is equipped with a patented ergonomic 58-millimeter portafilter. To avoid splatter from portafilter and post brew drip, it comes with three way solenoid valve. Its brew group bracing provides quality extraction and stable temperature. This is a great feature included in the machine along with a nice user interface which makes it one of the best espresso coffee makers.

Single Boiler

Its single boiler has one of the highest volume carrying capacity in the home espresso machine section. 10 ounces can be stored at its chrome plated brass boiler and produces high steaming power for an excellent recovery time between shots. You can make many cups of coffee at once due to the availability of the single boiler. Breville BES840XL is top model for home, if you are serious coffee addict.

Water Reservoir

The water reservoir can hold up to two quarts which is enough for making high volume coffee. But if it doesn’t fulfill your requirement then you can add some more water in its removable filter from top during the ongoing operation. For a wider range of motion, the company has come up with articulating steaming wand. Its commercial steam knob easily controls the steaming pressure.

Additional Features

You will find a plastic tamper and two filter baskets with the machine. Its 15 BAR water pump is helpful for extracting most flavors from your ground coffee. These features add to the overall value of this beautifully designed coffee maker machine.

Pros of Bunn VP17- 1SS

  • Its high steaming power is helpful for better recovery time between shots.
  • This coffee maker is built using high quality material for long lasting use.
  • Patented ergonomic 58-millimeter portafilter is fitted in this Espresso coffee maker.
  • The company provides you with 2 years warranty period.
  • It has 3 buttons for brewing, hot water and steam.
  • Bunn VP17- 1SS comes with some high quality commercial components and it is also very easy to remove heating elements.

Cons of Bunn VP17- 1SS

  • You will not find the coffee grinder with the machine.
  • Due to lack of proportional integral derivative it becomes difficult to maintain water temperature so installing this feature is highly recommended.

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The Last Words

After learning about its features as well as pros and cons, there is no doubt that it is one of the best espresso coffee makers available in the market. It’s easy to use features easily connects the consumer to the product. Bunn VP17-1SS holds the apex position in being the best UI for a coffee maker.