What Makes A Coffee Grinder Expensive?

The Coffee grinders are among one of the most important parts of an espresso machine. They are widely used to grind the coffee grounds during the brewing process. The coffee beans you use in the espresso machines are ground and need to be grinded before they could be used.

This is where a coffee grinder is widely used. It exposes the coffee grounds to hot water for a sustained period of time. To provide you with a high-quality coffee drink, the beans are to be grinded uniformly.

Coffee Grinders are available in the market in a number of different shapes, sizes and price ranges. Most of the best home espresso machine uses expensive coffee grinder while cheaper espresso machine can also do with the cheaper grinders. However, the overall price ranger of the grinders depends upon the following reasons:

Consistency of the Coffee Grinds

It is very important to achieve a uniform distribution of the size of ground particle to get a delicious coffee drink. The uniform distribution allows optimum extraction of flavors from the beans at TDS Levels which was not possible in earlier stages. These machines are also quite good if you are buying coffee maker for the first time.

Daily Usage

Most of the cheap coffee grinders are overheated very easily. Additionally, most of the time grinds are usually stuck to the grinders and have to be removed manually. This increases the overall brewing process time. If you need to grind a large quantity of coffee ground every day, it is better to choose an expensive model which won’t heat as much as the cheaper alternatives.


You expect the things you purchase to last a foreseeable future before replacements. You might buy some of the best home espresso machine for your daily usage but cheaper grinders on the machine can deteriorate the performance and the longevity of both the grinder and the espresso maker as a whole. The expensive coffee grinders are stronger and more durable as compared to the cheaper ones.


One major reason why coffee grinders are expensive is its efficiency. Most of the expensive grinders provide you with close to an 100% efficiency. It means that you are grinding as much coffee grounds as you are putting in and none of it is clogged or waster in the grinding process.

Capacity of the Grinder

The capacity of the grinder that is the amount of coffee grounds it can grind at a single instant majorly decide the price of the coffee grinder. The cheaper grinders usually have a smaller capacity than that of an expensive one.

Noise of Operation

If you want a product that feels brilliant and unique, then you would have to pay handsomely for that. The cheaper Coffee grinders are not so durable and made out of poor build quality materials. In some cases, they even tend to make operational noise. The expensive ones, however, are made out of high-quality materials and don’t produce operational noise even after continuous use for long periods of time.

Besides the above mentioned reasons, a couple of more reasons such as the brand and manufacturer of the grinder, marketing of the product, supply and demand of the product in the market effect the price of a coffee grinder.

The Last Words

Coffee grinders are an important cog in the giant espresso maker wheel. For you to enjoy the perfect taste and aroma of a high-quality cup of coffee, you would want each part of your best home espresso machine to work properly. The uniformity in the grindness of coffee ground is essential for the coffee to taste good which is only possible through high-end coffee grinders.