I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather, the smell of sunscreen and the sound of screaming children at the beach that summertime brings. I’m not sure if I am just getting used to the Florida heat or maybe I’ve finally accepted it but I’ve actually been loving this hot weather. It’s been raining A LOT here so I think any time the sun is out, I take full advantage of it.

Lately I’ve been using the same products this summer so I thought I’d share with you because I don’t know about you but I’m super noisy and love seeing what other people eat/drink/wear

Crystal Light Liquid – I was introduced to this product when I was strolling through Publix one night and a flamboyant older gentleman offered me a sample of the blueberry raspberry flavor. I was hooked instantly. I love the original Crystal Light 10 calorie stuff that comes in powder form but this is even better because I don’t have to sit there and mix it and pray that chunks of powder don’t gush into my mouth. My favorite flavors are the strawberry lemonade and sweet tea.

Tiffany Aviator Sunglasses – When I went to Vegas over the Christmas holidays I tried my hand at Black Jack and won about $250 so when I got back into town I treated myself to some new Tiffany & Co. sunglasses. I usually buy cheap pairs from Forever 21 or Target but I figured I should invest in a fancy pair since I do live in the Sunshine State and need to protect my eyeballs (who are we kidding, I just wanted to buy them because they were super cute and not that expensive)

Sangrias – If you want to become my best friend, show up at my house with a pitcher of sangria in hand. You don’t even need to say anything to me and I will invite you in and love you forever. Seriously though the summertime is the best time to drink sangrias because:
1) It’s served cold
2) It has fruit in it (so I can justify it being somewhat healthy)
3) It has wine in it (Dr. Oz said wine is good for the heart)
4) It’s hot outside and I need to replenish

Express Shorts – In the summertime I throw my jeans to the back of my closet and whip out the shorts. Sorry jeans, my legs need to see some sunlight too. I absolutely loooove the shorts from Express. I usually wait until they go on sale because their usually normally around $40-$50 but on sale they go for about $20-$30 and they are so comfortable and no matter how many times you wash them, they don’t shrink like a lot of other shorts I own. I have multiple pairs of denim and the tan ones with adorable buttons. And they have all different styles and length so if you’re not into the Daisy Duke short shorts, they have a bunch that are appropriate to wear around small children/googly-eyed men.

Monistat Chaffing Gel – Okay, before you start judging me and thinking I have an infection on my lady parts, hear me out. If you’re like me and aren’t gifted with the infamous “thigh gap”┬ábecause you’re a regular human and not an 18 year old, 6’1 model, then you probably get a little chaffing and redness between your thighs or ankles (from socks/sneakers rubbing.) Especially when I wear shorts and walk for long distances like at Disney World or hiking with the dogs, I’ll apply to the inner thighs and ta-daaaa, no chaffing! The gel is non-fragrent and silicone based so it’s not oily like lotion and it stays on all day.

Banana Boat Tanning Oil – I’m pale as a ghost most months of the year (my moms tries telling me this is a good thing because it means I would’ve been in the high social class in ancient Korea. Stop it, mom) so during the summer I try to get a tan and the Banana Boat oils have always been my favorite! And I loooove the smell of coconut, it’s like I’m on the beach in Hawaii.