Nic and I have been together almost 3 years (21 days til our anniversary) and we moved into our house a little over 7 months ago. Unfortunately our house is still pretty empty because we are both poor college kids who’d rather eat on the floor than spend money on a dining room table.
But recently we’ve been having a lot more guests coming over to the house and frankly, I’m tired of having an empty dining room and sitting room (soon be to Nic’s office) and mostly, I’m embarrassed to have my friends eat on the floor while the dogs gawk at them and attack when food falls on the floor. So we’ve been saving money to finally decorate our home.

I honestly wish Nic was more like most men in the sense that he didn’t care what the house looked like or what I hung on the walls. However, he is incredibly picky about house decorations. He dislikes my girly floral paintings, Cosmopolitan magazines, and my vases filled with flowers and isn’t afraid to let me know it. Simply put, our styles are polar opposites.

I enjoy a bright house with flowers everywhere and having the windows open to let fresh air flow through out the house. Nic on the other hand enjoys a darker house where he can enjoy movies without a glare, over the top wall colors and concert/movie posters scattered on the walls.

If you watch True Blood, this office will look familiar to you because it’s Vampire Bill’s home office. And Nic always drools over it and how it’s his dream room.

Luckily after hours of searching and finding the best deal, we found a dining room set that we both liked. It’ll be delivered in 2 weeks and I am so excited we won’t have to sit on the floor anymore!

So how does a couple go about compromising how to decorate a house so one person doesn’t get their way while the other sits in the background huffing and puffing?


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