What Makes A Coffee Grinder Expensive?

The Coffee grinders are among one of the most important parts of an espresso machine. They are widely used to grind the coffee grounds during the brewing process. The coffee beans you use in the espresso machines are ground and need to be grinded before they could be used.

This is where a coffee grinder is widely used. It exposes the coffee grounds to hot water for a sustained period of time. To provide you with a high-quality coffee drink, the beans are to be grinded uniformly.

Coffee Grinders are available in the market in a number of different shapes, sizes and price ranges. Most of the best home espresso machine uses expensive coffee grinder while cheaper espresso machine can also do with the cheaper grinders. However, the overall price ranger of the grinders depends upon the following reasons:

Consistency of the Coffee Grinds

It is very important to achieve a uniform distribution of the size of ground particle to get a delicious coffee drink. The uniform distribution allows optimum extraction of flavors from the beans at TDS Levels which was not possible in earlier stages. These machines are also quite good if you are buying coffee maker for the first time.

Daily Usage

Most of the cheap coffee grinders are overheated very easily. Additionally, most of the time grinds are usually stuck to the grinders and have to be removed manually. This increases the overall brewing process time. If you need to grind a large quantity of coffee ground every day, it is better to choose an expensive model which won’t heat as much as the cheaper alternatives.


You expect the things you purchase to last a foreseeable future before replacements. You might buy some of the best home espresso machine for your daily usage but cheaper grinders on the machine can deteriorate the performance and the longevity of both the grinder and the espresso maker as a whole. The expensive coffee grinders are stronger and more durable as compared to the cheaper ones.


One major reason why coffee grinders are expensive is its efficiency. Most of the expensive grinders provide you with close to an 100% efficiency. It means that you are grinding as much coffee grounds as you are putting in and none of it is clogged or waster in the grinding process.

Capacity of the Grinder

The capacity of the grinder that is the amount of coffee grounds it can grind at a single instant majorly decide the price of the coffee grinder. The cheaper grinders usually have a smaller capacity than that of an expensive one.

Noise of Operation

If you want a product that feels brilliant and unique, then you would have to pay handsomely for that. The cheaper Coffee grinders are not so durable and made out of poor build quality materials. In some cases, they even tend to make operational noise. The expensive ones, however, are made out of high-quality materials and don’t produce operational noise even after continuous use for long periods of time.

Besides the above mentioned reasons, a couple of more reasons such as the brand and manufacturer of the grinder, marketing of the product, supply and demand of the product in the market effect the price of a coffee grinder.

The Last Words

Coffee grinders are an important cog in the giant espresso maker wheel. For you to enjoy the perfect taste and aroma of a high-quality cup of coffee, you would want each part of your best home espresso machineto work properly. The uniformity in the grindness of coffee ground is essential for the coffee to taste good which is only possible through high-end coffee grinders.


It’s Monday and my thoughts are jumbled like they usually are on most Mondays. I am just extremely thrilled to do done with 5 essays and 2 quizzes I had this past week. I don’t get to rest for too long though since finals week start next week and I am the farthest from prepared. Procrastination = my worst enemy.

So I have just a list of random thoughts that are floating around in my head because I’m too lazy/frazzled to post an actual post worth reading.

1. My mom told me to get my hair colored a lighter color because my hair is apparently “too dark” and “makes me look gothic” Oh, I’m sorry for being Asian and having naturally black hair.

2. In one month, Nic and I will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary!

3. I’ve been way obsessed with Bob’s Burgers on Netflix. One of my friends recommended it to me because we have very similar taste in TV shows. For a cartoon, it’s super crude but that’s how I like it. Think Family Guy except with New York accents.

4. I’ve been drinking way too much soda lately. I need to start making my green smoothies again.
5. I am already counting down the days until Fall! Bring on the cool weather, pumpkin spice lattes, The Best Halloween decorations.

6. Now that Crimson is back from obedience training, I have to vacuum every other day from all her shedding… Maybe I’m not housewife material… Or better yet, I think it might be time to invest in one of those automatic robot vacuums.

7. I put on the imPRESS glue-on nails tonight that are supposed to last a week. I’ll be happy if I just wake up in the morning and their still attached to my fingernails and not stuck to the sheets.
8. I really wish I could pull off bright red lipstick. I tried it on tonight and Nic said in the nicest way possible “oh, that’s different…”
9. Nic’s been obsessed with the show Mad Men lately but I just can’t get into it. Don’t get me wrong, I do love looking at Jon Hamm but I’m not into whole 60’s time period with the sexism, cigarette smoking, and unfaithful men thing.
10. I desperately need a pedicure. My feet are starting to look troll-like.


I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather, the smell of sunscreen and the sound of screaming children at the beach that summertime brings. I’m not sure if I am just getting used to the Florida heat or maybe I’ve finally accepted it but I’ve actually been loving this hot weather. It’s been raining A LOT here so I think any time the sun is out, I take full advantage of it.

Lately I’ve been using the same products this summer so I thought I’d share with you because I don’t know about you but I’m super noisy and love seeing what other people eat/drink/wear

Crystal Light Liquid – I was introduced to this product when I was strolling through Publix one night and a flamboyant older gentleman offered me a sample of the blueberry raspberry flavor. I was hooked instantly. I love the original Crystal Light 10 calorie stuff that comes in powder form but this is even better because I don’t have to sit there and mix it and pray that chunks of powder don’t gush into my mouth. My favorite flavors are the strawberry lemonade and sweet tea.

Tiffany Aviator Sunglasses – When I went to Vegas over the Christmas holidays I tried my hand at Black Jack and won about $250 so when I got back into town I treated myself to some new Tiffany & Co. sunglasses. I usually buy cheap pairs from Forever 21 or Target but I figured I should invest in a fancy pair since I do live in the Sunshine State and need to protect my eyeballs (who are we kidding, I just wanted to buy them because they were super cute and not that expensive)

Sangrias – If you want to become my best friend, show up at my house with a pitcher of sangria in hand. You don’t even need to say anything to me and I will invite you in and love you forever. Seriously though the summertime is the best time to drink sangrias because:
1) It’s served cold
2) It has fruit in it (so I can justify it being somewhat healthy)
3) It has wine in it (Dr. Oz said wine is good for the heart)
4) It’s hot outside and I need to replenish

Express Shorts – In the summertime I throw my jeans to the back of my closet and whip out the shorts. Sorry jeans, my legs need to see some sunlight too. I absolutely loooove the shorts from Express. I usually wait until they go on sale because their usually normally around $40-$50 but on sale they go for about $20-$30 and they are so comfortable and no matter how many times you wash them, they don’t shrink like a lot of other shorts I own. I have multiple pairs of denim and the tan ones with adorable buttons. And they have all different styles and length so if you’re not into the Daisy Duke short shorts, they have a bunch that are appropriate to wear around small children/googly-eyed men.

Monistat Chaffing Gel – Okay, before you start judging me and thinking I have an infection on my lady parts, hear me out. If you’re like me and aren’t gifted with the infamous “thigh gap” because you’re a regular human and not an 18 year old, 6’1 model, then you probably get a little chaffing and redness between your thighs or ankles (from socks/sneakers rubbing.) Especially when I wear shorts and walk for long distances like at Disney World or hiking with the dogs, I’ll apply to the inner thighs and ta-daaaa, no chaffing! The gel is non-fragrent and silicone based so it’s not oily like lotion and it stays on all day.

Banana Boat Tanning Oil – I’m pale as a ghost most months of the year (my moms tries telling me this is a good thing because it means I would’ve been in the high social class in ancient Korea. Stop it, mom) so during the summer I try to get a tan and the Banana Boat oils have always been my favorite! And I loooove the smell of coconut, it’s like I’m on the beach in Hawaii.


Hi blog world. As I sit here and write this post, I am covered in sweat and reek of vinegar. Before I explain the vinegar part, let me just say that the last 2 days have been what feels like marathon training for the housewife olympics.

Let’s back up 15ish years ago, shall we? When I was younger and family would visit from out of town and stay at our house, my mom would turn into a frantic mess, running around the house yelling at my brother and I not to touch anything and I’d see her mop the floors and then whip out her magnifying glass to see if any dust would stick onto a pair of clean white gloves. Okay she didn’t do that last part but you get my point. 

Now fast forward to today and at the age of 22, I have officially began “housewife training.” All those years of watching my mom cleaning the house to cover up the fact that we were slobs makes sense now. I’ve even found the best mopping solution on Pinterest for tile and hardwood floors: water, drop of dish wash detergent and vinegar (hence why I smell like a bag of salt and vinegar chips right now) and if I might add, my floors are squeaky clean.

Oh and the reason for my OCD cleaning? Nic’s dad and my old roommate are visiting this weekend. Both have never seen our house so I have to pretend we’re organized and keep it clean 24/7. I ran that vacuum TWICE through each room to get the last remains of Crimson’s stubborn dog hair and I even completely reorganized the closet and arranged my fancy shoes in a way that makes it look like I actually wear them out.

And unlike my mom, since I don’t have kids to yell at for leaving fingerprints after she Windex-ed all the windows and such, I caught myself chasing my dogs around the house with a mop in my hand for leaving their little paw prints right after I would mop an area! Insert #crazyOCDcleaninglady here. 

Do you remember when you started your “house wife” training? Did you go full-blown OCD like my mom and I did or are you more relaxed about cleaning when you have guests?


Nic and I have been together almost 3 years (21 days til our anniversary) and we moved into our house a little over 7 months ago. Unfortunately our house is still pretty empty because we are both poor college kids who’d rather eat on the floor than spend money on a dining room table.
But recently we’ve been having a lot more guests coming over to the house and frankly, I’m tired of having an empty dining room and sitting room (soon be to Nic’s office) and mostly, I’m embarrassed to have my friends eat on the floor while the dogs gawk at them and attack when food falls on the floor. So we’ve been saving money to finally decorate our home.

I honestly wish Nic was more like most men in the sense that he didn’t care what the house looked like or what I hung on the walls. However, he is incredibly picky about house decorations. He dislikes my girly floral paintings, Cosmopolitan magazines, and my vases filled with flowers and isn’t afraid to let me know it. Simply put, our styles are polar opposites.

I enjoy a bright house with flowers everywhere and having the windows open to let fresh air flow through out the house. Nic on the other hand enjoys a darker house where he can enjoy movies without a glare, over the top wall colors and concert/movie posters scattered on the walls.

If you watch True Blood, this office will look familiar to you because it’s Vampire Bill’s home office. And Nic always drools over it and how it’s his dream room.

Luckily after hours of searching and finding the best deal, we found a dining room set that we both liked. It’ll be delivered in 2 weeks and I am so excited we won’t have to sit on the floor anymore!

So how does a couple go about compromising how to decorate a house so one person doesn’t get their way while the other sits in the background huffing and puffing?


Hi everyone, my name is Crimson and I am taking over my mom’s blog today! She doesn’t know I’m on her computer but I overheard her telling Daddy she is having a hard time coming up with blog content so I’ve come to the rescue!
Dear internet people,
Did you know that I have the cutest freckles on my tongue?
I know I whine a lot when I want to play outside in the rain but I promise it’s a German Shepherd thing, what can I say, we’re natural whiners!
How come when I go to the park or on a walk other people think I’m a mean, scary dog? I promise I’m as sweet as pie!
Even though I’m about 10 times bigger than my brother, he still runs the house and even stole my new bed from me!
How come I’m not allowed to stick my head in the liter box?

My favorite summer treat are ice cubes fresh from the freezer

I know mom don’t really have a treat in her hands when she tricks me into taking pictures for Instagram.
Sometimes I get so excited on walks that I like to pull mom on the leash but when dad is there to discipline me, I stop. (I also know that mom is too nice to punish me hehe so I try to get away with it). I know I shed a lot but a little hair never hurt anybody! Also, just maybe I’m leaving hair all over the house for Palpatine since he doesn’t have any!
I will never let a bad guy come into our house because I’ll show him my sharp teeth *chomp*! When I did my training the trainer told my parents I had one of the best noses ever seen. Dad thinks I should pursue military work for bomb detection but I think I should use it for dog treat detection!